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Staffing Firms – Are You Mobile Ready?

Posted on: July 22, 2013

By: Steve Isenberg

While the burgeoning trend on the Internet of “going local” instead of global gathers cheers from staffing firm marketers, the important detail to note with this trend is how customers and clients access you. As you might expect, mobile usage is increasing exponentially.


In fact, several respected Web sites and technology analysts have recently reported on mobile usage and the Internet.


I’ve seen estimations ranging from 20% to 40% with access being split between smartphones and tablets. What is interesting to note is that from Q1 to Q2 this year, mobile device access grew by nearly 50%. Pundits say it will double by year end.


It’s time to stop thinking of mobile device access as marginal.


Though it is impossible to predict when (or if—doubtfully, soon) the PC will stop being the primary tool to connect to the Internet, it certainly behooves one to plan for broader access by alternate devices. Reason dictates that as Boomers retire and a younger tech-savvy and tech-demanding workforce assumes position, changes in technology will explode.


Sure, alternate devices are used for finding what jobs you are offering or if your recruiting pros handle seasonal help, but besides social networking, the devices check on-the-spot for looks at weather, maps, music, newspapers, gaming, and sports.


Including mobile device access and formatting in your current initiatives is not just proactive but sound marketing strategy. Don’t you want to be seen?


Mashable reports that Morgan Stanley’s new study shows mobile devices “will rule by 2015,” whatever that means. . .  owing to better data coverage as well as proliferation of devices.


Need proof?


Check your Google Analytics traffic sourcing to see how your customers or clients are accessing your site. Those are real-time metrics.


ASJ Partners takes these factors and trends into consideration as we help you define your brand and build your staffing firm marketing strategy. Don’t get left behind.


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