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Steve Isenberg

Do You Have a Mobile Strategy?

Posted on: August 22, 2014

By: Steve Isenberg

A mobile strategy is your plan to make your firm marketable on smart phones and tablets. The simple truth: mobile strategy is an essential to move your firm ahead. Why? A mobile strategy extends the reach of your staffing firm and helps retain loyal customers. It also makes your website portable and user-friendly by allowing customers to access it anywhere on any device.



The evidence is the stats:

1.Over 35% of traffic to a staffing site is via a mobile device
2.The greatest percentage of smart phone owners are in or entering the workforce
3.Internet browsing on mobile devices has increased each month since 2011
4.Google ranks mobile-friendly sites better in mobile searches
5.84% of cell phone owners use it to search the internet
6.76% of owners check email on their phones


Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps:

There are two directions you can take when creating a mobile strategy: mobile optimized websites and mobile apps. Whether you need one or both depends on your firm’s individual marketing plan. Take a look below to compare the benefits that mobile websites and apps can offer your firm.


Mobile Website:


What it is: A mobile website makes your website accessible on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. It can be accessed from any web browser (like Safari or Chrome). When a user clicks a link to your site or types in the web address, the site will detect the mobile device and format the content for the screen.


Why you need it: Mobile websites make your site user-friendly, and can prompt customers to take some sort of action (a one-click “call us” button, for example). Without a mobile layout, the site will appear very small on a cell phone or tablet screen. A mobile website keeps the look and feel of your original site, but offers a layout that improves readability and utilizes the touch-screen features of mobile devices.


How staffing firms are using it:


-One-click call or email button
– GPS map locator/directions
– Social networking
– Apply now or LinkedIn buttons
– Job searching
– Save jobs to email or favorites list


Mobile Apps:


What it is: A mobile app is an application for tablets and mobile devices that users download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once the app is downloaded, it appears on the device’s home screen and opens with one tap.


Why you need it: Besides being a simple “one-tap” application, mobile apps give businesses more control over their platform and customer information than a web page does. Apps provide a direct link to specific information and make it easier to do detailed tasks such as making payments or keeping an account.


How staffing firms are using it: Apps offer many of the same functions that mobile websites do, but they can improve customer experience with more accessible features. Some examples of how staffing firms are using mobile apps include:

– Unique branding
-job searching
-submitting timecards
– recruiter contact
– check-ins
– maps/directions
– social networking
– job applications
– employer information


How to Create a Mobile Strategy


A mobile roadmap should definitely be in your strategy plan. ASJ Partners can help you determine the best mobile strategy for your organization. Contact us or call today, 610-930-5300, to begin your consultation.

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