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Steve Isenberg

Twitter To-Do List: 10 Ideas for Staffing Firms

Posted on: August 28, 2014

By: Steve Isenberg

In the world of social media, Twitter can seem a little foreign – especially if you haven’t had much experience with it. However, Twitter helps staffing firms relate to their clients and build a strong online presence. It’s more than just another outlet to post job openings, it’s another opportunity for you to make connections and portray your company’s ideals.




Here’s a weekly Twitter checklist to get you started:


1. Check your @replies and reply to questions and comments. You don’t need to reply to everyone, but a simple “thank you” or “great comment” shows there is a real person making contact.

2. Tweet content from a recent blog post or related news article.

3. Retweet and follow your clients.

4. Involve your staff. Ask them use #staffing or #recruitment and your company name.

5. Offer a daily job search or hiring tip for your followers.

6. Time saver: Schedule five to ten tweets to post throughout the day and night so people in different time zones will see them.

7. Repost an old blog article that is still relevant to your audience. Offer one solution from the post as a hook followed by the link. So, if your blog is about creating a positive workplace environment, tweet something like: Can a smile change your #workplace? We think it can!

8. Check out your competitor’s followers and who they are following.

9. Take part in trending topics like #FollowFriday (#FF) by using the hashtag or commenting on a tweet related to your field.

10. Follow people who follow you on Twitter.


The Twitter DON’T-Do List:


While Twitter offers a vast arena to engage with potential clients, many staffing firms unfortunately miss the opportunity. Here are some bad Twitter habits, which staffing expert Paul Phipps of Staffing Daily says will #fail.


1.using faceless, nameless logos for a profile image
2.tweeting only job openings
3.flat tweets with no personality
4.very little to no interaction with other Twitter users


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