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Welcome to Spring: Time For Some Spring Marketing Clean Up?

Posted on: March 28, 2013

By: Steve Isenberg

Probably none of us are old enough to remember when spring cleaning meant beating the dust from the rugs, washing the walls, storing the woolens in moth balls or the cedar closet, or taking inventory of what remained from the larder’s stock. That’s a lesson in nostalgia we don’t mind leaving in the past.

Today, if we even think of spring cleaning, we’re more likely to detail the car or hose down the patio and set out the wicker furniture. If we’re really ambitious, we might start some tomato or herb seeds or wipe down the tilt-in windows. We’ve become a society that values efficiency, short-cuts, and convenience. In itself, that’s not a bad thing. . .lest we become blasé.

If that occurs, the downward spiral starts, and before we know it, we’re asking what happened to the progress we’d worked toward so diligently.
So take stock, not of your larder, but of your business—especially marketing—with these questions.

Spring cleaning for staffing firms

When was the last time you updated your Web site? Would rebranding move your results forward?
Have you evolved your marketing strategy as you expanded your social media presence? Are you connecting with your customers or clients?
Do you have a blog? Have you been blogging for a year or more? What topics received the most click-thrus? Is it too soon to revisit and reframe those topics again?

Do you have control of the 3Cs? That is: clarity of your staffing firm marketing strategy and audience, comprehensive representation of your brand, and continuity in your firm’s visual identity and messaging?

Need a clean sweep to redirect your marketing toward real results?

Keep your staffing firm moving ahead. Let ASJ Partners help put Spring in focus for you. Contact us or call: 610-930-5300.

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