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Steve Isenberg

How Your Staffing Firm Can Break Down Barriers With Inbound Marketing

Posted on: September 21, 2012

By: Steve Isenberg

If your staffing firm lacks an effective inbound marketing campaign, you’re already rolling behind the eight-ball. That’s a scary place.



Today’s digital ocean sends a tide of rising expectations from clients and customers alike. Moreover, both clients and customers demand transparency. They want to peek through the walls of your business—like you look through an X-ray—to see how you operate and how you will serve their needs. In other words, they want every bit of value they can get, and they want it responsibly.


It’s a whole new way of thinking. No longer will traditional marketing tactics work. Today’s marketing imperative considers the individual—both locally and globally. That means understanding one-on-one how a customer or client behaves as well as tracking how he reacts in the worldwide community.


And an effective inbound marketing plan for your staffing firm is how you break down the barriers with individuals to grow your business and build your brand.


The good news: we’re all in the same boat
The process of getting to know customers and clients on an individual basis is daunting and laborious. A recent survey of CMOs around the world conducted by IBM tells us that everyone feels the press of the same issues. So, what do you do? Using the right tools for social media such as content development, email marketing and SEO strategies to market for your staffing firm definitely helps.


Conversely, the digital ocean provides unprecedented opportunities to engage with these individuals in a constant feedback and learning environment. True, the relationships you build may confront you at incredible velocity, but it is how business is done in today’s world.


Using the power circles of delivery of value, connections of value and capture of value, staffing firms can compete and succeed in today’s marketplace. The power circles also make it possible to intercept or monitor data and interpret the meaningful parts that lead to useful information on which to base business decisions.


Need help to break down barriers?


ASJ Partners can help you devise and implement an effective staffing firm inbound marketing plan that uses the tools to keep you navigating in the digital ocean. Let us help you reach the individuals you need to reach. Contact us learn how. Call 610-348-5805 now.

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