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Steve Isenberg

How to Turn Hashtags into Profit

Posted on: December 11, 2014

By: Steve Isenberg

The hashtag, originally coined by Twitter, has changed from a simple pound sign into a social icon and a common verb in today’s lingo. In its short seven-year history, hashtags have become universal symbols that appear on anything from a highschooler’s prom selfie to a CMO’s key marketing strategy. Because of their univer

sality, hashtags carry a lot of punch and connects people across the world to a single message, a common interest, or a trending news report. In some cases, hashtags have even changed the world.

So, the question now is how do you turn # into $? Offerpop’s infographic on the History of Hashtags had some great things to say about how hashtags can be used to bring in more customers and optimize your targeting campaign. I rounded up some of their advice below, and added my own marketing commentary for the staffing world.



1. Offerpop: Build A Brand
ASJ Partners: Hashtags are more than just an afterthought to your tweet. They are building blocks that can help promote your brand. Besides using your company name, use hashtags to brand your message. Some of the most popular hashtags are built around an idea or phrase, that people rally around. For example, #threewordstoliveby and #improudtosay were ranked two of the hottest hashtags of 2011. Try #Gotthejob, #lovemyjob, or #wearehiring. Define a hashtag and own it. Then get people tweeting and talking about your agency.

2.Offerpop: Run a Campaign
ASJ Parners: What do you do that’s unique from any other business, or any other staffing firm for that matter? No matter what your temp agency specializes in, temp jobs and employees are two things are often in high demand around the holidays. Make a connection between what you do and what’s trending in the “real world.” Then turn it into a campaign by creating a hashtag that is specific to your campaign and fires up unique content.

3.Offerpop: Follow Trends
ASJ Partners: Making your hashtags relevant to trending hashtags is a sure way to draw in clients since it is already popular among users. When you see a hashtag relates to your business, be quick to post something that appeals to your niche audience. When people search that hashtag, your company will appear in the feed, automatically giving you wider coverage than your current fans and followers. You can also follow the popular trends in hashtags with hashtags.org or Trendsmap. Part of the game is looking at other companies to see how they achieved success with their hashtags. Check out the hashtag by LinkedIn Recruiters, #hiretowin. How could you use a similar strategy or plug into this hashtag in your own marketing?

Hashtags are everywhere, and you’ll find them on just about any social media site nowadays. Not only can hashtags boost the extent of your branding, but also they can be powerful tools to help bring in more profit for your staffing firm. How are you using hashtags to get your message and brand out there? Tell us by leaving a comment below. Here at ASJ, our social media staff members are perfectionists when it comes to crafting great hashtags. Contact us today to begin building the best marketing plan for your staffing firm.

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