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Steve Isenberg

Linked In For Staffing Firms – Key Tips

Posted on: April 22, 2014

By: Steve Isenberg

We all know that being “LinkedIn” is essential for business success, but having a company profile is not enough. Participating in groups and joining their discussions will expand your network, which in turn, increases your sources of top quality candidates and provides a continual source of “online education” pertinent to your business.



For example, some of the recent discussion topics among groups include:

a.If you could only recommend one thing to increase the chances that your organization would have a motivated and engaged workforce, what would it be?

b.What is the most effective way to select high performing salespeople through the interview process?

c.Ten Ways to Create a Workplace that Shines

d.ABC- Attitudes and Behavior Competency for Trainers and Presenters.

Unfortunately, some businesses appreciate the status of having groups listed on their site, but forget that the purpose of groups is relationship and relationships require interaction. Participate in group discussions and give as well as receive.

LinkedIn features multiple groups geared toward staffing and recruitment. Choose several of the high profile groups and start building a solid network of fellow recruiters. Gain insight and an avenue into the field of top quality candidates. Some of these groups are:

1.Recruitment Consultants and Staffing Professionals
2.IT Staffing and Services
3.Linked: HR
4.The Recruiter Network
5.Networked Recruiter
6.Human Resources Professional
7.Human Resources Professionals Worldwide

Don’t just seek the high profile groups. Find niche groups that specialize in the same industries you are staffing. For example, if your staffing firm is primarily in the medical field, you will choose different groups than a firm who focuses on staffing manufacturing businesses. The drop down menu under the search tab will help you find matches that are more specific. Check out their past discussions. Note that some groups focus on topics very specific to staffing issues, while other groups are more conversational and share humorous and inspirational thoughts as well as technical. Other groups may focus on news and events in the staffing industry. Broaden your boundaries and choose a variety of styles – then keep up with what is going on, and make constructive contributions to the group discussions.

When choosing niche groups, don’t forget to choose groups that your potential candidates are choosing. Participating in their groups will not only put your company name in front of them, it will provide insights into what issues are important to them. What are the key benefits, etc that they are looking for when in the heat of a job search.



Are there specific clients with whom you want to connect? Join the groups their key stakeholders participate in and open the door for an online introduction. In our social media world, this can be an extremely effective marketing tool.


You can also be adventurous and create your own group. Invite others to join, start a discussion, and keep it active. Choose topics relevant to the staffing industry. When others see that you are covering pertinent topics, offering viable solutions, and keeping abreast of the news, they are more likely to join.

Whether you participate in the “big” groups, niche groups, or your own groups, LinkedIn will automatically send you daily digest emails from all the groups you join. This can add up to a bombardment of emails. If this is more than you want to deal with, go to Privacy & Settings and change to a weekly digest. This will keep you updated and allow you to browse discussions at your discretion.

Remember, the more groups you actively participate in, the more likely your firm’s name will make the top of the search list when potential candidates and clients are surfing. On the other hand, discussions/relationships take time. Choose your groups wisely, so that the time you spend is beneficial to your firm.

Marketing tips is just one of the services ASJ Partners offers their clients. Contact us   or call 610-930-5300 and discuss additional ways we can help your business grow.


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