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Steve Isenberg

Keyword Soup – Developing Your Staffing Firm’s SEO

Posted on: January 23, 2014

By: Steve Isenberg

Last time, we used the analogy of a recipe and cooking to help understand the evolving need for Search Engine Optimization.



It is one thing to understand how SEO works, how the principles of the process combine in a query to list your firm in search results. But exactly how do you come up with the keywords in the first place? How do you determine the right ingredients for your firm’s “soup?”


No one knows your business like you do.


Forget the computer. This should be fun. Gather selected staff and hold a brainstorming and role play session. Think of yourselves as customers of your firm. That might take some practice, so don’t give up until you develop a buying persona. Profile your role with questions such as:

1.What is your demographic?
2.What is your current job and seniority?
3.What are your job responsibilities?
4.What are your personal day-to-day requirements?
5.What values have you? Goals?
6.Where do you turn for information? Shopping?


Questions to help develop long-tailed keywords.


Once you have a mental picture of the persona and his/her characteristics, begin role-playing. As you do so, think of phrases (usually two to five words) specifically applicable to your business. Ask questions as your customers and clients would. These questions may get you started:

1.What services do you offer?
2.What problem does your service solve?
3.How would you explain your business to someone who never heard of you?
4.What personal issues does your persona present? Are they realistic to manage?
5.How are you different from your competitors?
6.Do your company’s values match your persona’s?


Avoid using one or two word phrases as they are too general and highly competitive for rankings. However, when you identify these multiple-word phrases, called long-tailed keywords, capture them on a list. Don’t worry if your list seems incomplete. Strive for between five and ten keywords.


This list is the one to work from when optimizing your staffing firm’s website.


Yes, it takes time to develop a list of keywords, time you probably do not have to sacrifice toward the evolution of SEO for your blog content, emails or social media. But your staffing firm needs to apply SEO to every marketing process. It pays to outsource to an expert.


ASJ Partners can provide the recipe that helps you succeed.


Talk to us about growing your business. We can help with customized inbound marketing plans including SEO, emails, blogging and content development that keep up with change.

Contact us or call 610-930-5300. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.


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