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Cultural Fit

Posted on: June 13, 2014

By: Steve Isenberg

Finding top tier candidates with excellent skills, incredible experience, and the best education is not the whole picture – they also have to be a great cultural fit. This final aspect of the perfect match candidate cannot be “trained.” It is the combination of personality, temperament, and synergy. Cultural fit increases employee engagement, adjustment to new positions, and retention. That is why top staffing companies know how to judge each client’s company cultural and match candidates accordingly.

Take the time to learn each client’s unique company culture:

1.Observe their workforce.
2.Observe the interaction among management, among staff, and between management and staff.
3.Discuss why past candidates, from your firm or others, didn’t work out or chose to leave.
4.Talk about what makes their long-term employees happy and connected – why do they choose to stay.

When interviewing candidates asks the right questions to determine which type of culture they will function in the best.

Discuss work habits:

1.Do they work best alone, where it’s quiet or in a group situation?
2.Do they prefer highly structured environment or the freedom of flexible office hours?
3.Do they like to work through problems on their own or require frequent sounding boards?
4.What style of management brings out the candidate’s best work?
5.How do you typically develop relationships with coworkers?
6.When you work on a team project, what is your most common role?

Discuss personal values and life style issues:

1.Do they prefer formal or casual dress?
2.Do they prefer a separation between office and personal or regular social times with coworkers?
3.Do they enjoy a healthy political debate or prefer to keep their views private?
4.What was the most difficult career decision you have ever made?
5.What are your hobbies, favorite books, pastimes?
6.Are you involved in community or charitable service?

Understanding the cultural fit of your clients, learning what questions to ask candidates, and then matching the two will place your staffing company at the top of the list.


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