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Steve Isenberg

Branding for Today’s Clients: Selling with Storytelling

Posted on: November 12, 2014

By: Steve Isenberg

The trending topic among branding gurus isn’t how to make your brand slicker or your logo shinier. It’s about storytelling. As customer-driven production comes to the forefront of technology and marketing, storytelling — branding in a way that relays the unique identity and story of your company — is becoming the new buzzword in the marketing world.


Why Storytelling?

If there’s one thing humans love, it’s a good story. We love to watch relationships blossom, cheer an unlikely hero’s rise from the ashes, and learn of the pitfalls and setbacks that led to a success story. When you use storytelling in marketing, it puts a human face on your brand. Your website becomes more than informative; it’s inspirational. Your brand stands for more than a company that can help you get a job; it’s a place where you can find hope for your career path.

Founder and CEO of Resonance Content Marketing, Rachel Parker, says this about storytelling:
“When your audience knows the story behind your product or service, they get a deeper understanding of its value and the passion behind it.”

Creating Connections, Not Commercials

Your clients want to know about you — who you are, and what makes you are, before they do business with you. When you’re telling your story, resist the urge to give a standard PR-rehearsed answer. Make a connection, not a commercial. Then communicate that when your clients do business with you, they become a part of your story. So keep it real, authentic, and human, because that’s how people connect. Remember Parker’s advice: “Copy tells, stories sell.”

Tell Your Story

What can you do to make a lasting impression on your clientele and draw in newcomers? Tell your story. Where did you come from? How did you get started? What setbacks and challenges did you face as your company grew? Ask your staff these questions, and together come up with a concrete image of who you are as a company and how you want others to see you. Then put it out there for others to read. Maybe that means you need to update your “About Us” page. What are some creative ways you can weave your story into your social media and blog posts?

As a staffing firm looking for clients, the majority of stories you should share are those success stories of the people you have helped. Think of ways you can share the great stories you encounter everyday as you connect people with jobs and employees (a profile page on your website, a feature article on the blog, or a weekly Facebook post about your latest client). Show new clients that when they say yes to your staffing firm, they are joining the stories, not just of your firm, but of a long line of clients who have experienced success.

If you have a story to share but are unsure how to do it, ASJ Partners can help. Contact us today to learn more about the work we have done, and the process we use to ensure your unique story is shared.

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