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Posted on: March 5, 2013

By: Steve Isenberg

Human beings like routines. We are, without doubt, creatures of habit.

After all, routines are comfortable. They make life easier, more predictable.

They keep us moving on track, toward personal and professional goals. They mitigate inefficiencies and ensure productivity.

However, routines can also stifle creativity. They can cause us to be stuck, even lazy until we lose sight of significant details.

Too easily, we could become deaf to the nuances and needs of customers or clients.

That’s the downside of routines. And that downside comes with a cost.

When routines cause us to stop listening, we lose value.

When we lose value, we disappoint those who look to us to provide value. When those in a service industry fail to provide value, business spirals toward bottom.

Remember that the digital experience reaches one customer at a time who is only interested in #1.

Take a few moments to self-assess.
Have you fallen into the trap of routines?

If you find yourself or your staff guilty of perpetuating any of the five characteristics below, it is time to make some changes. Do you. . .

Provide quick, formulaic answers to popular questions?

Stop and listen to the underlying questions (things implied but not stated) you might answer to win business.

Find yourself drawn to a certain type of personality with whom you easily click?

Thought that’s naturally helpful, you’re missing out on others who could turn out to be more loyal and likeable. While some customers are harder to win up front, they frequently are the “silent” ones who send you viral.

Send a vibe to customers or clients that their contact or questions interrupt your day?

C’mon. . .without those contacts or interruptions, would you even have business?

Fail to keep up with industry news or events that you should know?

Inherently, keeping abreast of news and trends is part of every person’s job. It’s part of what makes you valuable to a client or customer.
Feel burnt out by aspects of your job?

When it’s hard to drag yourself from bed to work, maybe it’s time to make some personal or professional choices. If you’re feeling this way, chances are your laissez-faire attitude is perceived by your clients and customers. Consider alternatives that re-energize or revitalize.
Is it time to examine your staffing firm’s routines?

Sometimes an objective view can pinpoint needed change. An expert’s assessment can turn those former costly routines into profitable ones that grow your staffing firm’s inbound marketing efforts and improve your business outlook.

Contact us, we can help you.

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