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Steve Isenberg

What’s in a Logo?

Posted on: October 5, 2018

By: Steve Isenberg

Recently a friend relayed an experience with her grandson that emphasized the significance of logos.

As she drove into her drive, her six-year-old grandson hollered from the back seat. “Look, Grams, you got a package from Walmart.”

Gram squinted up the walk, recalling from where “Pop’s” new coffee maker had been purchased. And he was right. In surprise, she quizzed, “How did you know that?”

“The logo, Gram. It’s the Wal-Mart logo.”

Moments later the smart young lad tapped the box. “See, the Wal-Mart logo.”

His Gram was still shaking her head days later when she shared the incident with me. She noted that her grandson sees few televised commercials as his family’s television viewing derives from online, commercial-free sources. They do shop at Wal-Mart but probably not on a weekly basis.

Although the how’s and why’s are still a big question mark—to the adults anyway—it’s obvious the logo did its job as the youngster recognized it at a moment’s glance.

I challenge anyone to go ten minutes through the routine of a regular day without encountering a logo. And no cheating by counting the afternoon “power nap” time. But seriously, a mere stroll through your home will have you bumping into logos left and right. They are literally everywhere, touching every aspect of our lives.

The purpose of a logo says Ian Paget, is to identify. “Identification is what really matters. That’s it. Trends come and go, design tools and techniques will evolve, what we perceive a logo to be may even drastically change with time, but for all eternity the single most important goal of a logo will always remain this – to identify the person, product, business or service you’re designing it for.”

Cyn Rene Whitfield concurs. “Identity in business is crucial, and a logo is your calling card. From font to color to detail, what a logo says about you is subliminal iconic identity.”

As the “face” of the business, a logo should –

  • Bring to mind the business associated with the logo
  • Be the heart of all branding efforts
  • Create a strong link to the company
  • Establish instant brand recognition

That’s a tall order for a grouping of letters and/or images, isn’t it? What makes a logo effective, memorable, impressive? Something even a six-year-old would latch on to?

Our next post will address tips and strategies for creating a logo that gets the job done.

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