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Understanding the Largest Segment of the Workforce: Millennials

Posted on: February 4, 2016

By: Steve Isenberg

Attracting top-notch millennial candidates to your firm involves a high degree of understanding this record-breaking force in today’s job market.

* WHAT experiences have shaped their thinking, their goals, their approach to life?
*WHAT do they want from a job?
*WHAT motivates them?
*WHAT’s important to them?
*HOW do they communicate?

The shaping experiences:

^Millennials were born in the tech-savvy age. They cut their teeth on i-everything and feel more than comfortable with today’s ever-expanding field of technology.

^Hearing “You can do or be anything you want!” from their parents sparked an entrepreneurial flame within many a Millennial’s heart.

^Coming into their earning years at the start of the most potent financial crisis since the Great Depression has greatly impacted their view of corporate America.


Top job criteria:

*Work that is meaningful and aligns with his/her passions will get the nod.
*A satisfying work-life balance is a top consideration.
*A collaborative spirit that mirrors team sports and other group pursuits from their growing up years is preferred over a competitive, every-man-for-himself approach.
*The potential for growth, learning, and leadership opportunities are important factors.
*Forward thinking. Diversity. Inclusion. Open-mindedness. All of which are the opposite of hierarchy, bureaucracy, and resistance to change.


^An understanding of the “big picture” and a “buy in” to the organization’s vision will spur a limitless drive to excel and achieve.
^A flexible work environment that provides maximum time with family and allows time to pursue hobbies will create a job-well-done mentality.
^Upgrades to the newest, coolest techiest devices for company endeavors OR as personal awards for achievements and goals will be met with high fives.

What matters most:

*An opportunity that feeds his/her desire to make an impact toward a more compassionate, innovative, and sustainable world
*Mission matters more than money. Millennials see work as much more than a means to a paycheck.
*Being valued. Millennials who feel unappreciated, stifled or under-used will be quick to look for other employment opportunities where their contributions have a greater chance of making a          difference.

Communication preference:


>buy online…
>socialize online…
>make friends online…
>establish business connections online…
>fall in love online…
>follow idols and celebs online…
>track and run political campaigns online…
>raise money online …

Their phone or another mobile-friendly device rarely leaves their hand and never leave their sight. Enough said.

Whatever thought, time, or effort you put into understanding the millennial generation will be worth it because the better you “get” them, the more valuable their unique combination of skills, quirks, goals and thought processes will be to your staffing firm. Next week we’ll explore strategies for attracting Millennials to your team.

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