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Steve Isenberg

Time for a 2021 Website Check-up

Posted on: January 13, 2021

By: Steve Isenberg

Crucial questions are begging to be answered as this bright, shiny new year gets underway. Could your website use an update? Is a major overhaul in order? Or would it be better to start from scratch with a new website?
As your staffing firm’s calling card, your website has a monumental assignment. The $64,000 question then must be asked –

“Is your website up to the job?”

Truth be told, you probably don’t visit the site often. And when you do, you know what is there and how to find it. Of course, knowing what is there gives you an advantage over clients and candidates perusing the site for the first time.

So, let’s begin a thorough review of this vital piece of your firm’s brand, tasked with telling your story to the world.

  1. How does it look?

Fresh, vibrant, and appealing or outdated, stale, and humdrum? Study the fonts, the call to action, and the amount of “white space” versus print blocks. Does it seem too busy or crowded? What immediately catches your eye?

  1. Is it current and accurate?

Does it accurately reflect last year’s tweak to the company name? What about the change in personnel six months ago? And the major expansion to serve more industries, that doubled your coverage of the local job market – is it reflected in the website content? What about the new logo that launched with this expansion?

Examine the contact info for accuracy: telephone number(s), fax number, physical address, mailing address, hours of operation.

  1. How well does the site function?

You and your tech team may not be best suited to answer that question. Of course, the team knows how the site was intended to work, and you know the message you hope the site conveys. And while either of you can and should check to ensure that all links work correctly and the site loads fast—preferably in three seconds or less—ease of navigation should ideally be tested by someone who is not on your team.

Now, go a step further and suggest that various people from multiple age groups give your website a whirl. Toss the receptionist’s tech-savvy twenty-something son into the mix of testers as well as the marketing guy’s mom, who has not worked outside of the home for years but now wants a part-time job to fill her empty-nester hours. Ask each person to navigate the application form and send a message or ask a question via the provided means. From your end, track the app and the message to be sure they are going where they need to go and in a timely fashion.

  1. Is it optimized for mobile?

If the challenges of 2020 taught us anything, it’s that mobile matters now more than ever. You can be assured job seekers will expect a top-notch mobile experience. So, grab your phone and pull up your website, and again, consider questions #1 and #3.

  • Is it easy to read without zooming in and out?
  • Does it look as if the desktop version has been squeezed into a smaller size?
  • How well does the application function?
  • Are job listings easy to access and browse?

The careful notes detailing your observations and the feedback of those you recruited to assist in this website evaluation will help you determine the need for tweaks, a significant overhaul, or for a brand-new website. And that is where ASJ Partners can help. As part of their comprehensive marketing solutions, their website design and development services can position your website to bring your staffing firm success in 2021. Contact us today!  


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