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Steve Isenberg

The Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn Marketing

Posted on: March 12, 2019

By: Steve Isenberg

What will make your LinkedIn native video content stand out? What will push users to scroll right on passed? As the volume of both online and written communication pieces multiply, so does the necessity for proving the value of every piece.

Consider these strategies in your pursuit of effective LinkedIn video marketing.

DO consider society’s propensity for “short and sweet.” DON’T waste the consumers’ time.

Time is money: no time to waste and all that. Opinions vary, but a lot of recommendations suggest video content between 30 seconds and five minutes to be the most effective. Consider the subject matter of each video, noting that some topics will call for a more extended segment, while “short and sweet” will get the job done for others.

DO get to the point. DON’T bore your audience.

We are an easily bored and distracted, get-to-the-point-already society; there’s no doubt about it.

“Attention that wanes after the first few seconds will typically drop off after the 10-second mark, LinkedIn research finds. That’s backed up by Facebook findings, which show 65 percent of people who watch the first three seconds of a Facebook video will watch for at least 10 seconds, while only 45 percent will watch for 30 seconds,” notes Katie Sehl.

Jane Fleming recommends—

  • In 1-3 seconds, hook their attention
  • Utilize the next 3-15 seconds to ignite pain or pleasure by identifying a problem or opportunity
  • In seconds 15-50, describe the solution with an explanation of what you offer and why it will help
  • And, according to Fleming, an optimal length of 30-90 seconds, ending with a “call to action” that provides the next step, an invite to the website, or another video is best

DO strive for professional quality production. DON’T miss out on timely opportunities.

A quality video product results from attention to:

  • Lighting – with natural light garnering the best results.
  • Camera position – a test video can bring awareness to needed adjustments
  • Background – nothing says amateur and unprofessional like a cluttered, distracting background
  • Body language – Through his research, UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian concluded that communication is 7% verbal, 38% vocal and 55% visual.

No one is impressed by a video whose shoddy quality can’t help but send the message that the endeavor wasn’t important enough for the time and attention that a more quality product would require.

On the other hand, the timely, on-location capturing of a conference or other event of interest to followers doesn’t require “highly polished” to be effective at engaging users.

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