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Steve Isenberg

Test Your Staffing Industry IQ

Posted on: August 6, 2020

By: Steve Isenberg

Just for fun, kick back and check out this compilation of staffing industry facts and figures formatted into a quiz.

1. The modern birth of the staffing industry dates back to the ___________ ?

  • A. 1940’s
  • B. 1920’s
  • C. 1960’s
  • D. 1890’s

2. How many people work as temporary or contract employees in the staffing industry?

  • A. More than 3 million every week
  • B. More than 15 million every year
  • C. Fewer than 1 million each week
  • D. Nobody really knows

3. The staffing and recruiting industry sales in the United States in 2018 amounted to:

  • A. 26 billion
  • B. 167 billion
  • C. 117 billion
  • D. 154 billion

4. The staffing industry serves almost every sector. According to data from the American
Staffing Association, the following industries utilize what percentage of candidate placements? (connect the % with the correct industry)

37%          Industrial
28%          Office–Clerical and Administrative
13%          Professional–Managerial
13%          Engineering, Information Technology, and Scientific
09%          Health Care

5. What percentage of job seekers quit online job applications because of their length?

  • A. 50 percent
  • B. 10 percent
  • C. 33 percent
  • D. 60 percent

Fill in the blank section—everyone’s favorite part of the quiz, right? Don’t worry, these treasures from Glassdoor’s tips for hiring top talent in the new decade shouldn’t give you much trouble.

6. The quality candidates you need, demand more than a  ___________   _______________

7. Quality candidates _____________   you as much as you ___________ them.

See the answers below.

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1. The answer is A. The modern birth of the staffing industry dates back to the 1940’swhen many positions were vacated due to WWII. The extreme lack of talent and increase of open positions created a need for the first-ever staffing agencies. The industry continued to grow, and those who were around in the 1960s will remember the iconic “Kelly Girl” ads.
2. The answer is A. Staffing companies put more than 3 million peopleto work in a given week. They hire more than 15 million every year, some of whom work every week of the year and others who work on a short-term basis.
3. The answer is B. 167 billion, up from 161 billion in 2017
4. The correct answers are:
37% Industrial
28% Office–Clerical and Administrative
13% Professional–Managerial
13% Engineering, Information Technology, and Scientific
9% Health Care
(pretty sneaky, huh?)
 5. According to the SHRM Quiz: How Well Do You Understand Recruiting
Fundamentals?, the answer is D.        
6. The answer is job description
“Gone are the days where you post a job description and watch the applications flood in.”
7. The answer is pick, pick
“The majority of candidates are getting multiple offers, and therefore they’re in a position to
choose where to work. ”

Be known as the staffing agency who pulls out all the stops to get the job done!


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