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Steve Isenberg

Social Media Marketing and Small Business – Part 2

Posted on: June 12, 2020

By: Steve Isenberg

In case you’ve stalled out on social media marketing since last month’s discussion, here are a few more stats to get you back on track.

  • Global internet users top 4.3 billion
  • 80% of these users have at least one social media account
  • Total social media users exceeded 3.4 billion people in 2019

Last month we discussed strategizing based on your past and current experiences with marketing via social media and posed the question of which platform(s) are right for your company. Now, it’s time to forge ahead toward a customized plan that fits your business goals.

 Rally the troops

Who among your staff comes to mind as social media savvy? While social media may not be your strong suit, chances are extremely favorable that someone on your roster knows his/her way around the intricacies of the various social media platforms. Maybe Mary is into Facebook while Bob has a good grasp of Twitter, and you hear Tom is all about Instagram. Utilize their expertise and experiences as you work to establish your company’s place in the digital world.

Task whomever you choose with—

  • Checking out the competition’s social media presence
  • Looking into how your industry is utilizing social media
  • Ranking the various platforms according to their usefulness to the company at present

Then, let them dream on paper. Turn them loose to design the best strategy for marketing yours and their business via social media.

While the gurus do their thing, bring yourself up to speed, so that when your digital team comes back with their ideas and suggestions, you’ll be able to evaluate their proposals.

 Understand the “social” in social media

Remember, social media marketing is simply another avenue for being “social” in a professional manner. At its core, social media is a tool for building a solid reputation with consumers by way of engaging with them, listening to their side of the story, and providing a solution. Many small businesses outsource at least a portion of their social media marketing. When more than 40% of digital consumers who turn to social networks to research new brands or products, discover your company, your social-engagement team should be ready and waiting to connect.

Christina Newberry advises, “If all you do is pitch and sell, there’s very little motivation for people to follow you. Remember, social marketing is all about building relationships. Be human. Be honest. Post great content.”

Train your brain, and in so doing, your strategy expectations as well, to view increased brand awareness and reputation-building as slow, long-term benefits of social media connections.

Focus on quality over quantity

Don’t let the volume of options overwhelm you. Don’t feel you must immediately hop on every platform. The key is to create quality content on a couple of key networks rather than spread a hasty, thin presence across every network.

Strive for quality, value-rich content, and authenticity. Wise consumers can spot fake ten miles away. In fact, in a survey from Stackla, 86% of consumers said authenticity influences which brands they like and support.

“Focus on using one or two social channels really well, at least to start,” suggests Newberry. “Once you’ve got those mastered, you can build from what you’ve learned and expand your efforts.”

Assess and evaluate often

With always-changing algorithms and the come-and-go nature of social media networks, digital marketing efforts must be continuously monitored. As your company grows, your marketing strategies must keep pace. Many small businesses outsource at least a portion of their social media marketing to keep up with changing trends and continue to gain marketing value. That’s where ASJ Partners can be a great asset. Their extensive experience in navigating the world of social media enables them to create comprehensive, customized marketing plans that meet the unique needs of the staffing industry. Give our team a call today. 

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