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Steve Isenberg

Six Strategies for Inspiring Creativity

Posted on: March 27, 2019

By: Steve Isenberg

It’s every company’s ideal – a workplace brimming with creativity, overflowing with new, promising ideas/concepts/strategies; not just occasionally but routinely, consistently. Sounds great, right?

“But creativity comes and goes, waxes and wanes. Not much we can do about that,” you insist.

Think again. Several controllable factors can indeed impact the flow of creativity in the workplace. These strategies can bring consistent energy to the creative flow within your company.

  • Mix things up

Yes, like minds work well together. But they may also think a little too much alike. A diverse team brings to the table not only different skillsets, but unique perspectives of and approaches to strategizing, problem-solving, and innovating.

  • Make innovative tools available

From something as simple as file sharing between team members to the more elaborate global communications software that allows for collaboration with folks across the world, the right tools can make a huge impact. Check out the variety of web conferencing tools that can fuel the growth of bigger, more innovative ideas.

  • Worry about the HOW later

A stellar way to squash creativity is to sweat the details too soon, by trying to figure out the “how” immediately.

“The fastest way to kill the creative process is by requiring your team to produce tactical solutions in tandem with creative ideas. It not only stifles the creative flow but also shifts the work environment into a ‘produce while editing’ mindset, which results in a diminished individual contribution.” Lisa Guice, Lisa Guice Global-Vision, LLC

Focus first on the “what” and even the “why” and shift the worrying about the “how” to the back burner.

  • Take risks

Comfort zones can be nice, but they’re also limiting and as a rule lack creativity. Stepping beyond the safety of the way things are-and-have-always-been can be scary, and well, uncomfortable. But the very act of taking a risk gets those creative juices flowing. So, give your team permission to take risks.

  • Let failure be an option

“Failure is, inevitably, part of any success story. Those at the top have pasts littered with start-ups that went under or ideas that never got off the ground,” insists Rob LoCascio, Founder and CEO of LivePerson.

Strive to create an environment where failure is seen as a path to discover something better rather than as a defeat.

  • Insist on follow through

If brilliant ideas stall in the staging area time and again, even the most creative employees will fall prey to a “who cares?” mindset. Why put in the time and energy to dream big when it’s unlikely to get the attention or time needed to succeed?

“Follow-through may be one of the most important parts of encouraging creativity. An effective and delicate system must be in place so an idea can be thoroughly evaluated and determined if it is both practical and desirable,” suggests Lorna Love.

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