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Steve Isenberg

New Year = New Business

Posted on: December 8, 2017

By: Steve Isenberg

Making plans for the holidays? You’re probably looking forward to spending time with family and friends, decorating the house, yummy foods, and getting a couple of days off work. But, before you get too excited about taking a break . . .

Staffing firms need to step up their game in December and January.

Yes, you read that right. The winter holidays aren’t much of a break if you’re in the staffing business. Why? The rest of the world is reflecting on the past year and making their resolutions for the New Year. Often, these goals include finding a new job. A survey by Indeed found that at the beginning of the year, more than 50% of American employees consider looking for a different job.

New Year, New Job

The specific reasons for switching jobs vary. Every person is an individual with personal goals.

  • Some people may be looking for new challenges, such as a job outside their comfort zone where they have to get to know a new company and new people; and new opportunities.
  • Others are tired of doing the same old, same old, and they decide this is the year they will finally follow their passions.
  • Millenials might change jobs if they feel unappreciated or lack visibility and learning opportunities.
  • And close to half of job hoppers are seeking new jobs because they don’t see any possibility of promotion where they are at; they don’t feel that employers aren’t helping them reach their goals.

New Year, New Strategy

It’s time for you to get ready for this influx of opportunity. Employees need help connecting with that perfect job. Employers need help filling their many vacant positions.

First, reach out to your past clients through your email list or social media. Advertise to find new clients and let them know your services are available. Help clients craft attractive job descriptions—will there be room for the candidate to learn, to advance, or to earn more?

Second, connect with potential candidates. Use your social media to remind them to update their résumés and online profiles. Direct them to your job board, which will have updated job openings from the clients who suddenly need new employees.

Maybe it’s also a good time for a new you. Check out your company’s status on review sites such as Glassdoor. Take a step back to look at your brand—is it communicating the message you want to share? Go over your marketing plans to make sure you’re reaching your targeted candidates and clients.

When you decide what you need, come to ASJ. If you know something could be better, but you can’t put your finger on it, consult with our experts. Our team can help you develop a plan for the New Year.

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