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Steve Isenberg

Mobile App – A Business Essential

Posted on: August 2, 2017

By: Steve Isenberg

ASJ - mobile appHave a mobile responsive website? Good. Don’t? Get one. But you still need a mobile app. You use your website to attract new clients and applicants. A mobile app keeps and engages the customers you already have.

The Numbers

Everyone’s doing it. Well, maybe not everyone. But your competition created mobile apps to keep up with consumers’ trends, and you should, too. You’ll lose clients and candidates who spend most of their Internet time on mobile devices. Maybe you can get away with not having an app for now. But think about how technology keeps advancing. In a few years, anyone without an app might be considered old-fashioned.

According to a mobile marketing statistics article on SmartInsights.com, “80% of internet users own a smartphone,” and 91 percent of Internet users have a desktop or laptop. The article continues, “89% of [people’s] time spent on media is through mobile apps.”

There are more mobile users than desktop users. Fifty-one percent of people who use digital media spend almost three hours a day on their mobile devices. Forty-two percent of people who use digital media spend less than two and a half hours on their desktops or laptops.

The Opportunities

Apps do things websites can’t. This broad range includes “biometrics, geo-location, cameras, sensors, augmented reality, [and] 3D gaming,” according to MarketingLand.com. With these special abilities, your app could instantly alert job candidates when a position matching their skills becomes available. You can use the app to make special offers or announcements.

Apps let you engage with users. Communication between you and a user happens fast, which eliminates waiting and builds relationships. People keep coming back to you—it’s so easy to tap your little app icon on their mobile device. And according to Entrepreneur.com, “Smartphone icons even help build brands by providing a visual design that customers recognize.”

The Launch

Even a simple app is better than none. Creating an app doesn’t have to be hard—you can use templates in a drag-and-drop format. Just make sure to test the app thoroughly before releasing it because “customers are 40 percent more likely to abandon apps when they encounter a bug,” says an article on Entrepreneur.com.

You can update the features when it fits your budget. After you create the app, you’ll still spend time and money on it to maintain it and to attract new users. But they’ll be engaged users—and you’ll be their first thought when they need a new job.

Ready to add a power tool to your toolbox? ASJ’s team of experts will help you set up your app to build your brand and increase engagement. Contact us today.

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