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Marketing with YouTube

Posted on: September 23, 2020

By: Steve Isenberg

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.” –Seth Godin

Already the most popular video platform globally, YouTube has gained even greater viewership since the coronavirus halted life as we knew it, ushering in an extended period of sheltering-in-place.

The Nielsen Corporation confirmed that in the early days of the pandemic, streaming on YouTube had “skyrocketed,” noting that video viewing time had doubled compared to the same weeks in 2019. In the first full week of April 2020 alone, Nielsen counted 32 billion minutes of YouTube streaming time. The same week in 2019 saw only 15 billion minutes consumed. 

Whether folks found themselves searching for content to occupy out-of-school children, scouring for how-to’s to assist with home projects, or merely seeking entertainment to distract from the stress of these trying times, YouTube became the go-to site.

While the Google-owned platform typically saw peak usage on the weekends, coronavirus-adjusted schedules have shifted viewing habits to include more weekday usage. “Every day is Saturday,” saysScott Silver, Vice President of Engineering, YouTube

Before the virus introduced new words and phrases into our vocabulary, most adults utilized YouTube. An early 2019 Pew Research Center survey noted 73% of U.S. adults used YouTube, with those aged 18 to 24 weighing in at 90%.   

What makes videos so significant as a marketing tool? 

Who doesn’t howl with laughter over a hilarious dog video, ooh and ahh over an adorable cat snippet, or feel the pain of a stupid-stunt-gone-horribly-wrong montage? We tend to think of the ridiculous or the how-to’s when it comes to YouTube videos. But why not use it to market a product or highlight a company from the employer standpoint?

 Video is indeed a great way to highlight your company and promote jobs, and Heather Bates reminds us why.

•  Video is engaging. Humans are visual creatures, and visual storytelling helps with comprehension and retention. It ranks as the format most likely to pique a potential new hire’s interest.

•  Videos encourage sharing. People seem naturally compelled to share well-crafted video content, giving your message extra mileage across popular social networks.

•  Video is excellent for mobile. Mobile video usage has increased by almost 10 million daily viewing minutes in the last few years—a number that will likely keep growing.

Bates notes that job postings with videos are viewed 12% more than those without video content, and companies have a 34% greater application rate when videos are added to job listings.

A picture is worth a thousand words –

Use words only to describe the all-important who, what, and why details that tell your staffing firm’s story, OR create a video to show who you are, what you stand for, and why you’re in the staffing business in the first place?

 “Video recruiting introduces your company, and its open position or positions, in a manner more friendly, informative, and engaging than any word-filled advertisement,” notes Lisa Price.

By all means, compliment video segments with the best copy possible, but incorporate video into your marketing strategy so that it can do what it does best—paint a vivid, memorable picture.

The cry, “But we can’t afford something fancy-schmancy,” sounds when the topic turns to video marketing. But a compelling video can be as simple as cellphone footage or as intricate as a professionally produced clip.

Getting started

So, now that we established that there’s value in marketing your staffing agency on YouTube, what’s next? Rob Wilson, YouTuber-In-Residence at vidIQ, suggests developing a strategy that begins with questions such as—

  • What do you want your channel to achieve on YouTube?

Think about this from a viewer’s perspective, rather than the company’s. “So, I don’t want to hear about hitting 10,000 subscribers, a million views, or whatever,” warns Wilson. “If your viewers know that you’re in it for your self-gain, they will see through it and immediately switch off.”

  • Who is your target audience? What age range? Male, female, or both? What type of demographic? What interests them?
  • And the biggie: Why should they watch your content?

2020 has been a year of firsts, mostly for things we fervently hope never to transpire again. Why not turn the tables on the negative trend and let 2020 be remembered as the year your company successfully dove deep into the world of marketing with YouTube?

Let ASJ Partners‘ expertise in marketing strategies for the staffing industry help your company reach a larger, more engaged audience through a targeted campaign that includes the latest video marketing trends. Contact us by phone at 610.930.5300 or by email at weneedhelp@asjpartners.com.

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