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Steve Isenberg

Marketing to Millennials – Part 2: 4 Proven Strategies

Posted on: July 4, 2019

By: Steve Isenberg

“As a marketer, it’s the buying power of the generation that makes it loud, clear and obvious you need to understand the keys to marketing to Millennials,” says Barry Feldman, author, marketing consultant, and copywriter at Feldman creative. He points to these breathtaking stats from Futurum Research, that state by 2020—

  • 50% of the world’s workforce will be Millennials
  • The buying power of this generation will reach $1 trillion

So, let’s delve into the strategies known to engage this mega demographic effectively.

  1. Keep It Personal

“The first thing you have to remember is that you need to keep things personal. Generic mass-marketing won’t appeal to most Millennials; they’ve seen too much of it to fall for those tricks,” declares Aaron Pearson, Co-founder and Managing Director at BitBranding.

Instead, focus on custom-tailoring to a particular millennial segment, using integrated marketing communications to reach already-interested customers, and fashion your style toward the personality type you aim to attract.

  1. Utilize high-quality video

Since the Animoto study reported that 80 percent of surveyed Millennials use videos to conduct research, video marketing to Mills is no longer optional.

“Well-crafted video appeals to potential customers on an emotional level, and it helps you separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. That differentiation can also help increase your conversion rate and encourage repeat customers. The key is in the execution, so focus on making a few great videos instead of scads of videos that nobody wants to watch,” notes Chirag Kulkarni, CMO of Medly.

  1. Traditional Out, Innovation In

Forget standard push marketing techniques because Millennials have had it up to here with traditional methods such as magazine ads, direct mail campaigns, and radio spots. They crave a more customer-driven experience with palpable substance. Forget strategies that give a forced-upon vibe.

Yes, Mills are hungry for information, but they want it when and how they choose. Their go-to sources for research? Blogs, forums, and YouTube videos. The more innovative, the more appealing

  1. Peer recommendations

A staggering 91% of Millennials buy based on recommendations from friends. To a Millennial, nothing says, “You can trust this info,” better than a word from friends.

“What gets Millennials to stop scrolling [social media] is the sight of interesting content from their network of friends and family. For example, if someone sees a friend using a new gadget or trying a new restaurant, they’re more likely to stop scrolling to find out more,” advises the folks at animalz. “Start by figuring out who your customer advocates are. These are customers who’ve used your product, and based on their positive experience are most likely to refer your product to other people.”

At ASJ Partners, we are well-versed in effectively marketing to Millennials. We’ll put our expertise in the staffing industry to work for you in a customized marketing strategy that will set your firm apart. Check us out today. You’ll be glad you did!



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