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Steve Isenberg

Marketing in 2019

Posted on: December 19, 2018

By: Steve Isenberg

As we ponder what worked, and didn’t work, in the marketing world in 2018, we nod in not-surprised-at-all fashion even as our eyes widen in didn’t-see-that-coming amazement. Because some things worked as predicted and others not so much.

So, what’s ahead for 2019 in the wonderful world of marketing? More specifically, what can we expect to top the list in the staffing arena?

Competition for talent was fierce in 2018. Without a doubt, it will be fiercer in 2019. Brutal and unprecedented. Both research and every day, hands-on experience backs up the fact that the current job market is extremely candidate driven. What does that mean, exactly? Simply put, it means that finding, recruiting, and hiring the right person for the job has become expensive, time-consuming, and difficult. In bare-bones terms: you’re no longer doing the choosing of talent. Rather, talent is calling the shots.

Utilize these strategies to stay afloat in the staffing-agency world in 2019.

  1. Develop an attractive online profile

With 89% of job seekers using mobile platforms to job search, and 45% utilizing it daily, your recruiting strategy must include attention to the appeal of your online presence. Of course, job seekers will check out your social profiles—all of them—looking for the strength and consistency of your brand as well as an accurate portrayal of who you are. And you know that includes your mission and commitment to it, the passion you possess for what you do, what you as a company stand for, and ‘Yes, Sir,’ at least a glimpse of your company culture.

  1. Shift from “recruiting” to “recruitment marketing”

As defined by Sushman Biswas, Associate Editor, HR Technologist—

“Recruitment marketing applies the principles of modern marketing, such as omnichannel communication, analytics, hyper-targeted messaging, and technology-enabled automation to attract, engage, and nurture passive talent by reinforcing the employer brand or the employer value proposition (EVP). Recruitment marketing takes a holistic view of operationalizing the entire candidate journey the way marketers approach their customer journey.”

Seeing the candidate as a “customer” is the central theme behind recruitment marketing. Just as the retail consumer “shops around” before making a final selection, today’s job seekers utilize the same approach to finding the perfect fit in a job.

  1. Utilize analytics to determine how candidates are finding you

Which outlets are driving candidates to your site? What’s the ROI for your paid advertising? How much traffic is being driven by organic sources?

Sorting through this information with the tools provided by Google Analytics, for instance, helps you make better-informed decisions when it comes to allocating funds within the marketing budget. It will also uncover how well, or poorly, your search engine optimization strategy is working.

Let ASJ Partners commitment to the ‘Next Level of Marketing’ develop comprehensive marketing solutions for your staffing industry. We will assist you in selling more, growing more, and being found more. Give us a call today.




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