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Steve Isenberg

Live Streaming for Recruiters

Posted on: November 2, 2017

By: Steve Isenberg

asj - live streamYouTube videos are usually planned, scripted, rehearsed, and edited videos. What if you want to be more authentic, real, and personable? You might find the answer in live streaming.



Like making regular videos, live streaming can be inexpensive – all you need is a good camera. You can live stream for free on Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube, or Google Hangouts. Because you film in real time, it can create a sense of transparency and urgency, convincing viewers to trust you and to respond quickly.

Though you might practice what you’ll say on a live stream, it’s more genuine. Because it’s live, you have richer interaction with the viewers. They can comment to you and each other. You can answer their questions as they pop up.


The optimum amount of time for a live stream is five minutes, and you can live stream about a variety of topics. An article on jeffbullas.com (“Live Streaming 101 for Social Media Marketers”) says you should live stream “a story,” “an event,” or “an anomaly.”

You could show behind the scenes: introduce your employees or do a tour of your office. You could host an educational live stream: give your viewers valuable information. You could make important announcements. You could interview people you’ve successfully placed.


Before you do a live stream, market it. Make sure all your social media followers know about it. Put an announcement on your site. When people call or stop by, tell them about it.

Your live stream doesn’t have to be perfect. Viewers want you to be real. However, make sure you test the lighting and sound quality before a live stream. (Poor quality turns people off.)

When you start the live stream, tell people your name, and what staffing firm you’re with so they know exactly who and what they’re watching. Next, inform them what this live stream is about and why watching it will benefit them.

With a greater sense of interaction, you have to be flexible. You might have three main points you want to cover in your live stream, but if viewers ask about something else, go with it. This lets them know you care about them and their concerns – not just about your agenda. You don’t have to get desperate to find new clients or candidates; when you talk with your viewers, you’ll find out what they want and how you should hone your marketing message.

After the live stream, you’re not done with it. Keep marketing it – more people will watch the saved video than the actual live stream.

That same article on jeffbullas.com warns, “Many live streams fail to get traction because either they suck or are not marketed enough.” So get people excited about your live stream, and then make the live stream exciting.


Now. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If your audience doesn’t like it, or if you decide live streaming isn’t right for you, that’s okay. You’ll know more about yourself and your audience. And your audience will know you strive to be honest, transparent, and caring.

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