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Steve Isenberg

Dynamic Tools for Pre-Planning Tweets

Posted on: April 6, 2016

By: Steve Isenberg

If you’re on the fence about “social media management”, in particular the scheduling of tweets, you may not know that options are a plenty for companies considering the pre-planning of their social media presence.
Here’s a look at what a few of these scheduling tools offer.

1.Hootsuite—utilized by more than 10 million Twitter users


This popular scheduling tool offers a plethora of helpful features—

* Management of multiple accounts
* Saving tweet templates
* Simple scheduling steps
* Capability to attach images OR files
* Easy account management

Hootsuite’s newest capabilities include targeting options that allow you to target specific groups—religions or residents of a particular country for instance—and quick search options from the Hootsuite dashboard that make trending topics easier to locate.

Hootsuite can monitor and manage up to 100 social profiles—Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to name a few—from one web-based dashboard. Another plus is the ability to measure social media campaigns and track performance with custom social analytics reports.

2.TweetDeck—purchased by Twitter in 2011

Again, provides a variety of useful options for scheduling tweets—


* Management of multiple timelines
* Alerts via sound and popups
* Building and exporting custom timelines
* Use of intuitive keyboard shortcuts
* Timelines that stream in real-time

TweetDeck promises a create a custom Twitter experience with a priority on organizing and building that monitors lists, searches, activities and more—all in one interface. Find exactly what you’re looking for with searches that track topics, events and hashtags then refine the results with specific filters. Multiple team members can share access to an account while maintaining a private password and full control over permissions.


3.ManageFlitter—trusted by over 3.2 million users

Includes these powerful features—

* Super quick “unfollow” tool
* “Follow” options that filter and copy
*  SS feeds to post
* Flexible search component
* Extensive analytics capabilities

ManageFlitter provides you with a set of easy-to-use tools that will empower you to work smarter and faster with Twitter. Their system is built on rock solid reliable architecture that allows for fast results. The team behind ManageFlitter have years of experience developing robust online systems that help people lead more productive lives.

And don’t forget to check out Tweriod so you can tweet “when others are listening.” Tweriod’s analytics tools can identify the peak periods your followers are active on Twitter. By analyzing both your tweets and your followers’ tweets, you’ll know the best times to schedule tweets as well as the best times to connect with real-time interaction.

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