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Steve Isenberg

Be Your Clients’ Dream Staffing Firm

Posted on: August 16, 2017

By: Steve Isenberg

ASJ - dream staffingFocus on social media, and content strategy. Showcase your professionalism. Enhance your credibility. Inspiring mottos – and effective, but what about the day-to-day operations of your staffing agency? It might seem less interesting, but believe me, it’s just as important in attracting clients to your company. So, what do clients look for when deciding between you and the agency across town?

Surprisingly, clients aren’t necessarily looking for the cheapest agency. I know, you lowered your prices to stay competitive. But your company still has to make money. And to do that, you’ll cut services somewhere – which means clients may have to perform more of the search themselves. And if they’re paying you to do things they could do themselves . . . uhm, remind me again why they’re paying you to do anything at all.

Time to listen up –  and discover what clients want you to do.

  1. Do what they can’t. You should know more people, have more sources and develop a better search method to find the right candidates. Your screening process should be so deep; clients would drown if they tried to swim in it themselves. You do all the work – and then present the client with only the very best candidates.
  2. Understand their open positions. Finding the very best candidates for the position requires it. Visit the particular company and study its daily routine. What duties does the job entail? What’s company culture like, and what kind of employee will fit? What professional development and other benefits are available with this position? With this knowledge, you and the client can craft an accurate and compelling job description.
  3. Understand the niche you serve. When you deliver experience and expertise in specific industries; clients know you’ll deliver top candidates and make the hiring and work-life easier for them.
  4. Stay involved. Every client is its own relationship. This means consistent communication. If a client is interested in a certain candidate, make sure the candidate knows that. Keep both updated on the process. After placing a hire, follow up with the client to make sure things are going okay.
  5. Maintain a solid base of associates. Potential clients will also watch you; to be sure that things are going well at your agency. You can’t hire new temps every few months. You have to set an example for your clients at your company. If you can’t find qualified and loyal employees for yourself, are you seriously able to find good employees for your clients?

Now you know what clients want in a staffing firm. Are you ready to talk about what you want in a marketing strategy? Chat with ASJ today. We offer web design, social media coaching, consultations, content marketing, and more to help you sell more, win more, and be found more.

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