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Steve Isenberg

5 Things a Marketing Agency Can Do for You

Posted on: March 29, 2018

By: Steve Isenberg

The only way people learn about your business is if you tell them. This is called marketing. But you’re a staffing expert, not a marketing expert. That’s why you’re so good at what you do. There comes a point when almost any business can benefit from some outside marketing help. If you’ve decided you’re ready to work with a marketing agency, but still don’t know quite how a marketer could help you, read on for the answers.

Working with a marketing agency saves you money. Put simply, hiring an in-house marketing manager can cost you $126,165 per year, whereas outsourcing to a marketing agency could cost you only $48,000 per year. How does that work? You’re not paying for the taxes, healthcare, “full-time salary, benefits, and other overhead” costs. You pay a flat fee for access to all the agency’s experts. These experts also know where to go to get deals on technology and services. You can also scale your marketing efforts back or forward as needed, without changing the structure of your own company.

Working with a marketing agency keeps you on track. You hired your recruiters because they’re good at recruiting. It’s not fair to add “marketer” to their job description. With a marketing agency, you can let your employees do what they do best, while the agency does what it does best. When your employees work with their strengths, no one gets distracted trying to work on this other marketing thing—nor will marketing detract from their other responsibilities. Plus, you’re paying the marketing agency do one thing: market. They’re going to get it done according to the schedule you agreed on.

Working with a marketing agency gives you access to a ton of experts. Depending on the size of the marketing agency, you could have access to a couple of expert web designers, content writers, mobile app strategists, and email gurus (and all for one flat fee). At an agency, you get proven professionals with a variety of experience. The best part? These marketing experts are also experts in marketing your kind of company. For example, a marketing agency that specializes in staffing firms knows what works and what doesn’t. They won’t waste your time and money figuring out what you need—they already know.

Working with a marketing agency keeps you up to date. It goes back to the “experts” thing. A marketing agency stays on top of marketing trends. They know what technology is the best (and they know how to use it). You don’t have to research the best social media platforms or try to predict changes in marketing. The agency already has that.

Working with a marketing agency gives you a fresh perspective. You have stellar service, but do your marketing goals reflect that? A marketing agency can look at your business and your marketing objectively and tell you what you need to hear to grow your business. Bringing in new eyes from the agency can also spark creativity and suggest workable ideas you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

Now you know what a marketing agency can do for your company. Ready to talk? Contact ASJ. We’ll talk about the specific needs of your business and how we can help you grow more, sell more, and be found more in the staffing industry.

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