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Steve Isenberg

5 strategies for Marketing with Facebook Videos

Posted on: September 25, 2018

By: Steve Isenberg

The job of all marketing endeavors is to make a lasting impression by capturing the consumer’s attention. To hook them and reel them in with something catchy. Marketing must be memorable to be effective. One proven tool for accomplishing this is digital video—an advertising avenue that has exploded in recent years.

Look at these stats

  • Video viewers are 2x more likely to share video ads versus image/text ads
  • 66% took action after seeing a video ad
  • 73% say they remember video over any other content

Video is the perfect format for addressing exactly what today’s consumer wants, according to Sandra Rand: Immediacy, Individualization, Interactivity, and Immersion. And Facebook tops the list of digital platforms enjoying great success with video marketing, to the tune of 32 billion views a day.

You can claim a hefty piece of the digital video marketing pie with these tips that will make your video advertising powerful and effective.

  1. Get to the point

“We don’t have much time to capture anyone’s attention these days. You have, on average, about 2-3 seconds to engage someone,” says Natalie Hoben.

Facebook reports that 65% of people who watch the first three seconds of a video, watch for at least ten seconds while 45% continue viewing for thirty seconds.

  1. Grab their attention

Utilize video thumbnail images and titles to hook viewers. Incorporate your brand—the colors, themes, voice, tone, imagery—to help folks connect you with this remarkable message.

Couple these powerful images with a teaser phrase or slogan, minus the sound, for that first-second impression. Cater to those who chose to mute the audio by including captions, as a whopping 85% of Facebook video viewers watch without sound.

  1. Keep the message simple

Stick with one. Simple. point. Multiple topics or complex scenarios will lessen both the memorability factor and the likelihood the viewer will finish the video. Strive for easy to process content that viewers will instantly connect with, and then be anxious to share with their Facebook tribe.

  1. Tailor copy to the digital platform

While using carbon copies of a video-driven message across multiple social media platforms is easy to accomplish on your part, individualized copy that plays to the strengths of each platform will net the greatest return. Take advantage of the higher per/post character limit on Facebook to deliver a longer message to go along with that amazing video.

  1. Native is better

Uploading video directly to your Facebook page will get more views, shares, and comments because the FB algorithms favor organic content, rather than links that send viewers away to competing sites. A quintly study found that native Facebook videos received 186% higher rates.

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