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Steve Isenberg

4 Client Engagement Tips

Posted on: May 26, 2016

By: Steve Isenberg

Engagement is the key to retaining clients. Which is the key to building a successful brand. Which is the key to long-term profitability. Which is exactly what every company—many of whom are targeting the same customers you are—is striving for.

Obviously, a lot rests on the relationship a company establishes and nurtures with their clients. What keeps your clients’ attention focused on you rather than looking to your competitor? What keeps them loving their dealings with you so much that they sway colleagues to send business your way?

The most successful brands place client engagement at the top of their priority list and insist on fostering positive, long-term connections with them. Here are 4 tips to achieving that type of client engagement.

1. Make the Connection Personal

Personal connections make deep and lasting impressions on all of us—that’s how humans are wired. One of the most effective ways to connect with clients is to ensure them, through every encounter, that they are dealing with an actual person rather than a nameless, faceless corporation.

Refer to them by name. Trade form letters and to-whom-it-may-concern correspondence for personalized messages. Even brief emails of welcome, thanks, support or encouragement will bolster a personal connection.


2. Hire the Right People

Companies who strategically seek candidates with a keen eye to their fit within the company’s culture will not be sorry. Couple that strategy with an “aces in their places” mentality that realizes the importance of hiring the right person for the job. Skills, education, and work experience are, of course, important. But most often it’s the precise blend of talent and innate qualities that allows a candidate to meet and exceed the expectations of a particular position. Those employees who genuinely fit the position will provide the best opportunities for client engagement across every aspect of the company.

3. Be a Type “A” Communicator

“A” as in assertive. Not “A” as in aggressive.

Aggressive communicators talk more than they listen and tend not to show empathy. Neither of these qualities are likely to lead to client engagement. An assertive communicator, however, values the importance of listening and is intentional about understanding the client’s point-of-view. Make assertive communication practices the “norm” throughout the company.

4. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Social media is founded on the concept of engagement. While efforts to keep up with the rapid-fire advances in this technology-aided sphere of our society will keep you on your toes, the effort will pay high dividends. Actually, any business who values client engagement will leave no stone unturned when it comes to involvement with social media. Remember that mobile-friendly platforms make it especially easy for clients to connect with your brand.

Reward client participation via social media channels with such goodies as exclusive content, discount subscriptions, sneak peeks at new products—anything that will show appreciation for their efforts to connect with your company.

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