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Steve Isenberg

7 Marketing Secrets That Make Your Staffing Firm’s Inbound Marketing Work Better

Posted on: August 30, 2012

By: Steve Isenberg

Wondering if your staffing firm marketing plan is helping you achieve the results you want? These common sense secrets will keep you on the right track.


1.  Have a goal. Without knowing why you are doing what you are doing, you are going nowhere.
2. Prioritize your staffing social media efforts. Don’t participate in every social network. Social media isn’t free. It costs time so choose one or two and manage participation.
3. Master your voice. As a staffing firm, you are in the relationship business; you connect with people. All your marketing should speak cohesively, honestly and openly to your clients and candidates.
4. Don’t confuse busyness with effectiveness. When it comes to inbound marketing or staffing social media, less can be more. Set your strategy, enforce boundaries and be disciplined toward your goal so you don’t waste time.
5. Content remains king. If your staffing firm marketing plan lacks a cohesive content strategy, your efforts will not produce the results you desire. Strategy includes knowing your audience so you can build a relationship with them. You won’t impress them with tactics alone.
6. Ignore competition and trends. Trying to keep up with trends or your competition depletes energy that could be used more productively in an email marketing campaign, updating your staffing Web site, or producing great content for your blog or social media messages. Any action other than investing in your strategy is like sifting sand—it leaves you empty-handed.
7. Have realistic expectations. People don’t wait, they can be fickle, and they are definitely self-interested. It takes time to be noticed, trusted and found. Be persistent.


ASJ Partners can help your staffing firm’s inbound marketing plan with all seven of the tips above. Contact us to learn how or Call 610-348-5805.

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