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Steve Isenberg

What You Need to Know About Blogging  

Posted on: June 21, 2017

By: Steve Isenberg

asj - bloggingBlogging is an important part of inbound marketing. Generating regular blog posts brings more visitors to your site and improves your SEO. It also allows clients and applicants to build a relationship with you. But technology changes—and with it, what your site visitors want to get out of your blog. Keep your blog on top with these tips.

  1. Find your niche. As a staffing company, you probably do this already by working only with distribution, education, or medicine. Your blog needs a niche, too. Write about narrow, specific topics for a certain audience. Instead of “How to Write a Résumé,” try “How to Write a Résumé if You’ve Been Unemployed for Five Years” or “How to Decide on the Most Relevant Experience for Your Nursing Résumé.”
  2. Engage, engage, engage. Talk to your readers and followers. Ask for feedback. Follow up on their concerns. Look into their suggestions. Thank them for their comments. Interact with them seriously, and they’ll interact with you. Do not neglect the audience you have while you market to new clients.
  3. Tell stories. “Content for content’s sake or blogging just to blog will fade away as audiences tire of it,” says AggressiveGrowthMarketing.com. Storytelling is about humans, not products or services. People want to know you. They want to know your company as a group of human beings just like them. They want to know how you built connections with other customers and helped them.
  4. Stay relevant. According to GrowMap.com “Relevant content creation is [the] most effective SEO tactic.” How do you increase visitors’ engagement with your blog? Give them relevant information they want. If they like it and find it useful, they can’t help spreading the word about it on social media to all their friends. Everything you produce is about the reader, not you.  GrowMap.com continues, “Treat your blog like a relationship building tool rather than a company brochure.”
  5. Think visual. Have graphics and photos? Use ‘em. Videos? Oh, my goodness, yes.   Videos improve your SEO. Your action step: create an account on YouTube or Vimeo. Then you can embed those videos directly into your blog. You should also check out live streaming.
  6. Be creative. Information from every direction pounds your readers daily. Someone is always offering something they need. With multiple businesses scrabbling for their attention, people go to the companies that stand out. So think outside the boring cardboard box.
  7. Get up to date and go mobile. With more Internet users going mobile, Google adjusted their ranking system, so sites with mobile versions have a higher priority. People also expect sites and blogs to load quickly on mobile devices. And more and more people do voice searches on their mobile devices (com: “The State of Blogging for 2017).

Your next action step? Contact ASJ Partners to hammer out a creative, relevant, and specific blogging strategy.


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