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Steve Isenberg

To Schedule OR Not to Schedule: The Twitter Dilemma

Posted on: March 24, 2016

By: Steve Isenberg

Just as there are two sides to every story, the Twitter to-schedule-or-not-to-schedule quandary boasts staunch supporters on both sides. These advocates stand firmly behind their reasons either for or against the pre-planning of “tweets” on Twitter.



Proponents of scheduling tweets insist:

1.It saves time! Who isn’t looking to simplify things a bit and shave off precious minutes from wherever they can be spared? Time is money after all.

2.Scheduling tweets ensures a reliable presence as frequently as you choose—every day or every hour—even when you’re not online.

3.The 24/7 nature of Twitter practically demands the use of scheduling because no one can be “tuned in” every hour of every day.

4.Lessens distractions. Stopping what you’re doing at precisely the right time to connect with your clients can wreak havoc with productivity.


Those against pre-planning maintain:

1.It removes the all-important ‘social’ aspect from social media.

2.Scheduling encourages the repeating of the same message. Nothing screams automated—which is the opposite of “social”—more than repetition.

3.Pre-scheduling is lazy and shows disrespect for your audience.

4.The excitement and adventures of the Twitter world take a big hit when tweets are pre-scheduled. It turns what should be a “living in the moment” experience into a boring, ho-hum non-event.


When it comes to scheduling tweets, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition. There’s no reason that the best of both worlds can’t be melded to create a user-friendly, productive approach to Twitter content.

Consider these tips to create a blended Twitter strategy:


*Repetition isn’t all bad when kept to a minimum. Because everyone’s not online at the same time, the same message—preferably with a change-up in the wording—can reach another audience when posted during a different day part.

*Don’t allow the convenience of scheduling tweets keep you from
1. Posting spontaneously when the situation warrants it and
2. Checking in often to connect with followers.
When handled properly, pre-planning can allow more time for making those “social” connections.


Respect the different social media platforms by not scheduling the same message to post on separate channels. Tailor each message to the specific platform, building on the “perks” each channel offers.

When you consider the amount of time that can be “twittered away” on social media – no pun intended – the value of this free marketing avenue quickly begins to have $ signs attached to it. When approached with a balanced methodology, scheduling tweets can be a useful tool for marketing on Twitter when used in combination with real-time posts and purposeful connection with followers.

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