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Steve Isenberg

Snapchat Then and Now

Posted on: July 21, 2021

By: Steve Isenberg

“If you can represent your brand well, there’s not anyone who can’t be on Snapchat.”Frankie Greek, Snapchat Marketing Expert

In 2011 when Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown developed the image and video messaging app Snapchat, they weren’t thinking of permanence or long-term storage. No, their platform offered a fresh, in-the-moment experience where content self-destructed in a matter of seconds—a sort of face-to-face encounter that mimicked real life.

Now, ten years later, Snapchat recently posted its fastest year-over-year growth rate in over a year, with a 22 percent year-over-year increase.

“Snapchat is taking the world by storm,” says Astrid Eira, resident B2B expert at Finances Online. “It’s drawing in social media users by the millions through its quirky filters and unfiltered approach to online interactions.”

By the millions, indeed. Look at these impressive stats.

  • 265 million daily active users worldwide
  • 59 percent of all U.S. internet users aged 13 to 24 use Snapchat
  • 210 million snaps are created each day
  • The Snapchat app was downloaded 300 million times in 2020
  • 63 percent of users visit the site daily, with 49% claiming they access the app several times a day

In 2013, Snapchat launched stories before either Facebook or Instagram added this perk. These narratives that share a fuller picture of in-the-moment happenings via a series of images, videos, or both, are available to view for 24 hours. In addition, a search feature enabling users to search for stories from a particular brand create a win-win for both users and companies seeking to build brand awareness.

You may have heard that Snapchat is dead.

As new, flashy players have appeared on the social media horizon, rumors have circulated that Snapchat was “dead” or “dying.” Nothing could be further from the truth, as evidenced by the growth in nearly every quarter since 2014. Not to mention the explosion of users worldwide.

But the $64,000 question swirling about the minds of marketers remains: Can I market my business on Snapchat? Of course, you can! A host of suggested applications point to Snapchat being a lucrative marketing avenue.

  • Post engaging content on your Snapchat Story
  • Promote your company’s products and services
  • Post a demonstration video of how to use your products
  • Provide behind-the-scenes sneak peeks
  • Share content that shows off the company culture
  • Celebrate awards and achievements with your followers
  • Share clips of the team at a conference
  • Make industry-specific announcements
  • Capture the staff participating in a charity golf outing

See what we mean? The possibilities are practically endless for showcasing the personality of your brand.

And don’t forget about Snapchat Ads. “Become a part of Snapchatters’ everyday conversations with full-screen, digital ads that inspire action from the people that matter most to your business,” the app suggests. “Snapchat Ads are for every business, no matter the size or industry.” 

Folks love how the combination of in-real-time and disappearing content blend to create a truly engaging experience, turning Snapchat users into devoted followers. What more could a company ask for than loyal, engaged followers?

Best Practices

Keep these “best practices” in mind when strategizing about what to post.

·       Be original and squash perfectionist tendencies

The name of the game when it comes to Snapchat content is original and fresh. Not canned or staged or last year. The most important “best bet” to remember? Publish original content that cannot be found on any other platform. Snapchat is not like any other social media site, so how much sense does it make to recycle content from other sites? Zero. Nada. Treat Snapchat like the one-of-a-kind platform that it is.

·       Give your audience what they crave—exclusive, daily, in-the-moment access to your brand 

“This gets your audience excited because you are giving them an unprecedented look into your business,” notes content creator Charlie Thacker. “They feel like part of the brand family.”

So, think about memorable moments. A grand re-opening. The launch of a brand-new product. The retirement party for a long-time staffer. The 100 Days of Summer kick-off. The Little League championship game your sponsored team will play in. Again, the sky is the limit when considering opportunities that will invite followers along on your journey.

Not every post will top the excitement meter, and that’s okay. Be sure to include the ordinary happenings, too, as they are the building blocks of your brand. Direct access to the “real deal” will keep them coming back for more.

With the majority of Snapchat applications costing nothing, what have you got to lose?

ASJ Partners knows that a robust social media presence engages clients and candidates. We also understand how each social media network brings unique customization and branding opportunities. So, let us help you create a package tailored to your company’s social media needs. Contact our team at 610.930.5300 or by email at weneedhelp@asjpartners.com.

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