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Steve Isenberg

How to “Sell” Your Staffing Agency to Clients

Posted on: November 19, 2015

By: Steve Isenberg

You announce an agency-wide focus to build your firm’s list of client companies. Why? Because the more clients who contract with you to meet their employment needs, the larger your slice of the staffing market will be. Candidates are drawn to staffing agencies with an expansive list of clients as they see the potential for more career opportunities. Likewise, client companies appreciate an extensive pool of qualified candidates. It’s a ripple effect that will lead to an expanded brand, higher profits and success in the highly competitive field of staffing.

So, what do companies look for in a staffing agency? What sets an agency apart? What will tip the scales in your favor?
Here’s what client companies say they want from a staffing agency.


1.Knowledge and expertise in their industry


It takes more than a cursory knowledge of industry terms to be well-versed in a particular field. A few memorized facts or rehearsed lines will not convince a client of your ability to meet their employment needs. Nor will it prepare you to effectively place candidates.

Seek to gain a deep understanding of every industry you serve. Require your staffing associates to be educated as well. Make keeping up with trends and industry shifts a priority.

Consider how the fields you represent coordinate with the needs of your client companies. For instance, manufacturing companies will likely have staffing needs for warehouse and possibly shipping candidates in addition to manufacturing positions. The more departments you’re prepared to serve, the greater the opportunity to fully meet a company’s employment needs.

2.Depth in recruiting
“I will absolutely select a staffing vendor based on the depth of their recruiting process,” says Matt Lowney, executive vice president for talent and operations at The Buntin Group, a Nashville-based advertising agency. “The responses are truly varied. I want to know how you’re sourcing, who are you talking to, how you are using contacts as a launch point for referrals.”
The proof is in the pool of candidates you can refer to client companies. The bottom line is this: can you find for them more and/or better qualified candidates to fill a variety of roles from temp to direct hire and everything in between thereby saving their company time, hassle and money? A demonstration of that will get their attention.

3.Attention to details

A willingness to dig into the nitty-gritty of day-to-day operations and to ask the detailed questions about each position says “we’re serious about meeting your staffing needs”.
*What are the physical requirements?
*What will the climate conditions be?
*What skills are needed?
*What is the size/atmosphere of the department?
Client companies also appreciate knowing the full scope of a candidate’s qualifications, experiences and potential in order to use their skills to the greatest advantage. Again, more details.


4.A demonstrated desire for a long-term relationship

Exhibit a commitment to partner with the company for the long haul by inquiring about the future—expected “busy” or seasonal fluctuations, plans for expansion, branching out into new areas, etc. Become familiar with their history as well—the company’s origin, past accomplishments, awards and recognitions, etc.

Establish a schedule for “checking in” to review current employment assignments, assess future needs and stay abreast of industry happenings. Make relationship building and one-on-one connections a priority.

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