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Steve Isenberg

How Indeed’s Announcement Changes the Recruiting Game

Posted on: January 23, 2019

By: Steve Isenberg

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Most of us aren’t fans of change. Sometimes it’s the time, energy, and decision-making that goes with switching things up that we resist. It’s so easy to fall into a comfortable groove, offering up an occasional tweak here or there, but never really considering major shifts/revamping unless we’re forced to by circumstances outside of our control.

For example, the Indeed policy change that recently brought an end to free job posts for US and Canadian staffing and recruitment firms. It’s a bummer, we know, but remember,  sponsored postings are still an option, and there are other big names in the world of job boards. ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, Monster, Glassdoor, and Dice to name but a few, offering a variety of options ranging from free to charge-per-post to a cost-per-click/application model.

Now’s the ideal time to check out every option offered by all the major players as well as the more minor ones who specialize in the markets you serve. Know what’s out there, so you can make wise decisions concerning how today’s job boards fit into your firm’s overall strategy.

But it’s critical to view them as just one tool in the recruitment war, rather than the complete arsenal. And here’s the reason why.

“Hiring has become very competitive, and quality candidates have plenty of options in where they apply,” notes Dave Andersen of Recruiterbox. “A talented person doesn’t need to peruse job boards and can selectively respond to the dozen or so recruiters they hear from each day.”

An effective way to reach both active and passive candidates is through inbound recruiting, a process of consistently building relationships over the long haul. Exceptional candidate experience is the result from this focus on relationships that gets sustained traction from a regular source of fresh content and attention to brand establishment. Candidates can’t help but be attracted to this winning combination of network engagement designed to streamline into a satisfying application process for interested candidates.

Much of this relationship building commences on social media. An old school mindset will insist that the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn are but secondary advertising and recruitment sources. But such thinking is both outdated and flawed.

“To reach candidates today, share career content on all major social media channels, focusing on the channels that bring in the highest-quality candidates,” suggests Becca Chandler at ZoomInfo. “In our highly digital business environment, your ideal candidates are spread out across multiple channels. If you’re not active where they’re active, you’re likely missing out on top talent.”

And that’s where a partnership with ASJ Partners will pay big dividends. Our team can assist your social media efforts with a customized package tailored to your firm’s specific branding opportunities. You owe it to your team to give our team a call.



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