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Steve Isenberg

Four Must-Dos Before a Career Fair

Posted on: November 11, 2016

By: Steve Isenberg

Looking for a perfect candidate? Go to a job fair. There, you can meet candidates in person, talk with them, and look at their resume. You know right away if they’re qualified for a second interview or even if you should offer them the position then and there. Here are four tips to prepare yourself, your recruiters, and your company for a career fair.




1.Have a plan. Find out what other companies will attend and what kind of candidates will be drawn to those companies. This way, you know if it’s worth it for you to go. If you decide this job fair is a good fit for you, talk with each of your recruiters who is going. Make sure your group knows what’s going on, how to behave, and what jobs your clients have available.

2.Know your company’s story. What makes you, you? How can you benefit candidates? What successes have you had matching clients and candidates? Why are you going to this particular job fair? Think about how everything fits together for your company’s strengths and mission.


3.Advertise. The job fair host will (or should) advertise the fair, but that doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. Look at how the vendor promotes the fair and what channels they use. Are your target candidates paying attention to those venues? To attract as many qualified candidates as possible to the fair, use your own marketing campaign to let people know where you’ll be. As a bonus, when you promote that job fair, the job fair vendor will think you’re a great company to work with.

4.Adjust your attitude. Let your team know you might not make many hires at the job fair, and that’s okay. Candidates and the community will know more about you. In the weeks following the fair, watch your web traffic, and see who walks into your office. Maybe these candidates didn’t talk to you at the fair, but they picked up a brochure and checked out your website. Maybe they told friends about you. Maybe they didn’t even come to the fair but saw your flurry of pre-fair advertising.

Do you need to revamp your marketing plan before attending a job fair? You could be trying to figure out your company’s identity, or maybe you want to build a new one. Perhaps you need a social media presence because right now you have a social media absence. Give yourself a pat on the back for coming here. ASJ Partners has website designers, marketing consultants, social media experts, and content writers, so contact us about anything you need.

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