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Steve Isenberg

Email Marketing Still Works

Posted on: August 28, 2015

By: Steve Isenberg

As social media outlets gain in popularity, some may question the value of good old fashioned (to some) classic email marketing. But According to Econsultancy, as much as 66% of marketers rated email as providing good to excellent return on their investment. This sends the clear message that a majority of businesses consider email one of the safest places to invest marketing dollars.
Here’s how to get the most from an email marketing strategy.



Let’s keep it legal, folks.

As a reputable company, you only email individuals who’ve voluntarily subscribed to your mailing list, right? Because you’d never risk the enormous fines charged per email, per individual to those caught sending unsolicited messages to non-subscribing customers. That’s called spamming and it’s a big no-no. Listen, the temptation to blanket the masses with your timely message may be difficult to resist but resist you must.
The plus side to this “permission-based” approach is that messages are more likely to get read as the subscriber chose to be included.

Give them a map

Just because a subscriber has demonstrated interest in your business by signing up for emails doesn’t mean they’ve got the total scoop on who you are and what you offer. In fact, subscribing may have been the first step on their fact-finding mission. So, entice them to visit your website, check out your Facebook page and Twitter account to get a glimpse of you from every marketing angle.

Go a step further to ensure that each “click” to another advertising/info source lands them on an eye-catching, informative, useful page. And seldom does the “Contact Us” page fit that bill. The goal is to provide a clear path to sites, pages and accounts that will best represent your brand.

Say “YES!” to Greater Freedom and Reach

Unlike Twitter with its 140 character limits and Facebook’s News Feed algorithms, email marketing provides a direct path to knowledge-hungry subscribers with fewer hassles and restrictions.

Establish a rep for delivering fresh and compelling information and you’ll reap the reward of a trusting, enthusiastic band of subscribers who’ll be happy to see a message from you in their inbox.

It’s mobile-friendly or go home

Be aware that a huge portion of your subscribers will open your email message on their phone or tablet rather than a desktop computer or laptop. So, it’s your job to make sure the content displays properly and looks awesome no matter how it’s opened. And that can take some doing but it’s definitely worth the time spent.

Be sure to return to our blog next week. We will explore the how-to of creating mobile-friendly email marketing.

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